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Professional shots with personality

Looking for a headshot that captures who you really are? I work with all kinds of people - from actors to bankers to lawyers - to take professional photos that stand out.

I'll get to know you before we start, so that when it comes to shooting I can make sure your photo is true to you. Then you'll end up with a selection of natural, flattering shots that you can use for work, Linkedin, website and beyond.  



How I work

Professional shoots don't have to be in an office space with lots of flash lights and different specific poses.

My style is natural and relaxed. I'll get to know you first, discuss what you need out of your photographs. The location can be an outdoor park, your garden, your home or a coffee shop. 
I can also go to your office to take photographs of your team in the working environment, still using natural light and a relaxed approach. 

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